Welcome to Amplify!

Amplify is a web service for markdown transformation.

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  • Markdown rendering with Kramdown
  • Syntax highlighting powered by Pygments.
  • oEmbed support to easily insert media like YouTube videos
  • Automatic linking of urls
  • HTML sanitation

How to use Amplify?

The new Amplify API is a JSON-based web service, so just send a POST request to:


Example JSON payload:

{"source": "# My headline"}

The result would be:

{"html": "<h1>My headline</h1>", "source": "# My headline"}


Amplify is written in Ruby and based on Sinatra and Slodown.py.

Slodown.py is a fork of Slodown and replaces Coderay with Pygments for a much better syntax highlighting.

Pygments supports much more languages and there are tons of Pygments themes.


  • Fork the project
  • Add a feature or fix a bug in feature branch
  • Add unit tests (RSpec) and/or integration tests (RSpec with Capybara)
  • Rebase master on your feature branch when you're finished
  • Submit your pull request

Please write sufficient tests for your feature or bug fix. I will not accept pull requests without tests.

Tests and TDD are important. They are an integral part of my daily routine at the office and they are as important for my private projects.

Do not listen to people who tell you that tests are not important or TDD is not necessary (I'm looking at you, DHH).

Try me!